Samhain 2010 Ritual

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Samhain 2010
This has a little more stage direction than normal just because this ritual will be attended by some that we’ve never circled with before and I don’t want anyone to get lost. Because we may not be doing things the way they are used to. Some things are also different than in past rituals because I wanted to try out some different things to help with flow. We’ll see.

This ritual was performed while clouds swirled up and around our house. Our first thought was oooh, fog. Then we realized that at our altitude, up a mountain, we were IN the clouds. So surreal, and amazing!

Here’s a sneak peak:
“Samhain marks a special time on the wheel. It is time much like our ritual circle. It is outside time, in between the old year and the new.
This is the third and final harvest festival of the year. It was once custom that you did not harvest anything after tonight, anything left in the fields was a gift to the spirits that would pass between the realms. As Samhain is a time between times it is also the when the veil between the realm of spirits and the realm of the living is like gauze, so thin that any spirit with the want can pass through to visit. Now is when many of us will say goodbye and honor those who have departed, as they pass back and forth through the veil tonight.
Now that the harvests have ended we are also faced with the death of the world around us. This is when things shrink back into themselves and begin their winter sleep. As the wheel is ever turning we can see that this is not eternal and all death brings renewal. But we can take that symbol of death as a way to clear out any negativity in our lives and to start the new year, the new turning of the wheel fresh.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Samhain 2010 Progress

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Man, I would love to say that the ritual is coming along nicely.
But I try not to be a liar.

Luckily we have a fairly standard outline that I’ll be able to mod for Samhain.
But I do have a little piece of the invocation written:

Grandmother Hecate, we come to your crossroads to sacrifice the old, so we may begin our journey to the new possibilities that lie ahead.

Will probably get worked over a few more times, but its a start.

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Samhain Ritual

October 30, 2009 at 5:32 am (Ritual) (, )

This is a complete ritual without alot of stage directions. Presented here is mostly words. A lot of those words convey what people should be doing along with it but I didn’t want to bog this down with go here, stand there. If you have questions on go here, stand there stuff, let me know.

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