Spirituality Questionnaire

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In working to write out the concept and practice of a Pathseeker tradition I created a Spirituality Questionnaire. The purpose is for both myself to articulate my feelings and path as well as to give to those I practice with now (or possibly in the future) to see how their path looks and how to mesh that path into a group setting.

I feel you need an idea of Who/What/How before you can move forward with a project.

If you’re interested, please answer some or all of these questions. You can do it for yourself or if you’d like to share you can email me at maera (at) pathseeker.org.

I am typing up my answers now, and will be sharing them soon.


  • Describe a time you felt a close connection with the Divine:
  • Do you feel a closer connection to the Goddess or the God?
  • Can you explain or describe why you have a closer connection to one or the other?
  • Describe your view of the Goddess
  • Describe your view of the God
  • Do you have a patron deity? If yes how did you make that connection?
  • How would you describe your current spiritual path?
  • Explain the importance of initiation in you spiritual practice
  • Explain the importance of the Moon in your spiritual practice
  • Explain the importance of the Sun in your spiritual practice
  • Do you hold solitary ritual or attend group ritual for the New Moon? Full Moon? Why or why not?
  • Describe the place Sabbats hold in your spiritual practice
  • Which Sabbat do you feel the closest connection to? Why?
  • Describe the part tools play in your practice
  • What place does spellworking hold in your spiritual practice?
  • Does divination play a part in your practice? How? Which types?
  • Do you have any connection to spirit guides, totem animals, or other helpers?
  • Have you ever lead a group ritual? What type? If yes, describe the experience.
  • How much time do you devote to solitary practice each month?
  • If you are in a coven, or looking to join a coven, what part would you expect this group to play in your spiritual growth?
  • How much time would you expect to devote to a spiritual group each month?
  • How much time are you comfortable devoting to group practice?


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New Leather Journal

May 22, 2011 at 3:35 am (Crafts) (, , )

So my leather bound journal project was both easier and harder than I expected.

The paper folding, layout, and sewing through the paper was much easier than I expected. The leather is starting to take its new shape too, with only some pressing (I haven’t had to put in miters to get it to bend right around the spine).

On the flip side, I finished binding it yesterday morning and my fingers still hurt from stitching through the leather. I pre-punched holes and they needed to be tight on the thread so that everything stays together. But darn, the needle really didn’t want to go  through some of those holes. So there was pulling and pushing and lots of pinching down on the needle to get a grip that could pull it through the leather. Also, I broke a needle in the process.

I’m thinking I may get the materials to do another one now that I have a vague idea what I’m doing and do a step by step. I think a lot of the Pagan community likes to make their own tools, and making ones own leather Book Of Shadows would be pretty darned cool. I know I’m thrilled with mine. Read the rest of this entry »

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I’ll appologize ahead of time. This one is a little long.

The Wiccan Ideals
There is no bible or ten commandments of Wicca, but there are some ideals we strive for. We also have the Rede, which means to give council or advice, which appears to have been created in the 1940’s-1950’s. The Rede is a great ethical basis for beginning on the Wiccan path, so we’ll start there.

The Wiccan Rede
Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust.
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An’ Ye harm none, do what Ye will.
What ye send forth comes back to thee
So ever mind the rule of three.
Follow this with mind and heart,
Merry ye meet, and merry ye part.

There are several versions of the Rede, this is not the longest or shortest, but it gives the basics in a nice concise way.
This one covers perfect love and perfect trust as the mindset for dealing with the Divine, and ultimately with each other.

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