About PathSeeking

What is PathSeeking?

The concept of PathSeeking is that no matter how long you follow a particular path you are always seeking the connection with the Divine. In addition some people will follow a very specific path for many years and then have a calling to a different path, to a different way to the Divine. PathSeeking embraces the process of seeking the Divine, not the way you get there.


The following is an excerpt from our Coven’s Intent document, this is based on the concept of PathSeeking.

We feel that the pantheon you follow, Goddess and/or God you call, ritual tools or correspondences you use are less important than finding the path that leads you to connect to the Divine.

Through learning, researching, teaching and exploring we find our path. As such our Coven will be non-pantheon specific. Members will be encouraged to research and teach about different deities, ritual structures and ways of worship. We feel this will help everyone find their personal path.

Our intent as a learning Coven is to worship as well as be a support system for each other as we search for our own path. This will allow us to journey with our Coven beside us, even if our paths are different.

The following passage is from the list of Wiccan Ideals I wrote:

There is no single path to divinity.
My grandfather was a Lutheran minister. When he passed away he knew absolutely where he was going and I absolutely know that is where he is. Both my grandfather’s path and my path will connect us with the divine. There are many similarities within any positive religion. Two of the biggest similarities are treating others well and a connection to the Divine. Not only are there many non-pagan paths to Divinity, there are so many pagan paths, it can make one’s head spin. I may focus on the Celtic pantheon and a friend may focus on Yoruba deities; we both follow a path that speaks to us, connect us both and neither is wrong.


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