Wiccan? or Pagan?

This is taken from the article I wrote June 22, 2010 entitled ‘Wiccan? or Pagan? or Why Does It Really Matter?’

I have always called myself a Wiccan. As time has gone by it seems that Wicca is becoming known to only encompasses Anglo-Celtic pantheons. I could swear it didn’t mean that 15 years ago. Or, maybe it did and I just never read those books.

So I guess as definitions have changed so have I.

I mostly pay direct honor to the Celtic Deities. But have never felt the need to exclude the Norse, Assyrian, Babylonian, Hindu, or Greek/Roman Pantheons from my worship.

Does this mean I am no longer allowed to call myself Wiccan?

Why does it matter to me? I have found myself interacting with more and more people in the Pagan community, and many of them seem to care a lot. After spending most of the last 15 years as a solitary practitioner I find I’m having to rethink many of the ways I’ve always phrased things so that I don’t get jumped on for improper terminology.

Then there is the comfort thing.

In working on starting a circle/coven/grove, I’ve found that some people are ok with participating in a Pagan circle, but not a Wiccan one. Or, conversely are put off by the concept of a Pagan Coven but a Wiccan one is ok. Even if both are described exactly the same. Its all about labels.

-I still haven’t come to an answer on this one.

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