About Maera

Welcome. I’m Maera, and this is my website and blog thing.

Originally this was devised as a way for me to keep up on posts and lessons for a book I was working on. That fell by the wayside as I found it to be a great way to post upcoming rituals for those who would be attending or who needed them. I am still working on that book, and it will eventually make its way back up here, but it is no longer my main project.

On this site you will find reviews of books, websites and products. You will find recipes for everything from solstice cookies to mead to bath salts. There is an ever growing list of correspondences going up, as well as information on different deities and concepts of the Divine. Plus I’ll be archiving all of the rituals I’ve posted up on the site over the last couple years. If I have time I will probably even alter them to solitary rituals (not that it’s hard to do that on your own).

So in case you’re wondering who I am. I’m Maera. I’m an aspiring author and a jeweler. I have been following the Goddess for about 16 years now (not that I think time is the most important measurement of ones achievements). I would love to be as good of a teacher to others as other authors have been to me.

Personally, I tend towards the Celtic pantheon. Brigid is my Patron Goddess, but She is often just called Mother when I pray. I do pay reverence and worship the God as well, but I do not have as strong of a connection to the male Divine as the Female.

I am a stickler for single pantheon worship in a circle. If I ever call two Deities of different pantheons in a single ritual circle, I have probably been taken over by a pod person. It is one of the few things in some other people’s rituals that really irk me.

I love magical crafts. I love to make crescent shaped moon biscuits for the cakes portion of ritual. Aphrodisiac tea is fun (with consent, and honey). Making herbal pillows and charms, cross stitch knot magic, little clay goddesses all make me smile. I have sewn several ritual robes, and have plans for some new ones this summer.

I don’t like bananas or spiders. But in circle, I won’t kill spiders. I’ve never had a banana sneak up on me in circle, so I don’t know.

I don’t have any magical degrees. They have never been terribly important to me. Now that I am working with a Coven, I may go through the process, I haven’t decided yet.


-That’s all I can think of for a bio/about me for now.

Goddess Bless

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