Samhain Invocations

Samhain Invocation 1:

Samhain is the final harvest sabbat of the year.
It also marks the end of the old year and the beginning of the new for the ancient celtic and norse peoples.

Tonight we give our thanks to the Dark Goddess.
We see her everywhere this time of year, stooped over her cauldron of knowledge and rebirth.
This is the waning year and the Dark Goddess rules in her guise as the crone, the wicked witch.
If you fear death then she is wicked, but she is there as the guardian of rebirth, and not to be a nightmare’s image, she is the path to more, she is the path of all knowledge.
Just as the maiden must become the mother, the mother must become the crone, and the crone must enter the cauldron to be reborn.
So we give thanks to the Dark Goddess for the knowledge she offers.

Tonight we give our thanks to the Master of The Hunt.
Tonight he rides across the sky and brings together the souls of the departed to take them back to the cauldron, through the spiral of rebirth.
He is the harvest, and this is his final for the year.
As the sun wanes so does his power, but he shall be reborn soon, bringing with him the sun and new crops.
He is the guide, not the harbinger of death, it is he who helps the departed navigate to be reborn.
So we give thanks to the Master of the Hunt for the harvest he offers.


Samhain Invocation 2:

Samhain marks a special time on the wheel. It is time much like our ritual circle. It is outside time, in between the old year and the new.

This is the third and final harvest festival of the year. It was once custom that you did not harvest anything after tonight, anything left in the fields was a gift to the spirits that would pass between the realms. As Samhain is a time between times it is also the when the veil between the realm of spirits and the realm of the living is like gauze, so thin that any spirit with the want can pass through to visit. Now is when many of us will say goodbye and honor those who have departed, as they pass back and forth through the veil tonight.
Now that the harvests have ended we are also faced with the death of the world around us. This is when things shrink back into themselves and begin their winter sleep. As the wheel is ever turning we can see that this is not eternal and all death brings renewal. But we can take that symbol of death as a way to clear out any negativity in our lives and to start the new year, the new turning of the wheel fresh.


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