Mabon Invocations

Mabon Invocation 1:

As the leaves loose the green of summer we look again to the obvious turnings of the wheel. In the oranges and browns of autumn we see the Crone coming to her full power.

As the second harvest festival, Mabon is a time of giving thanks for what we have achieved over the last year, as well as a time to look at the paths laid out before us and begin to make our choices for the coming winter.

Many see the cold months ahead as a death. Surely we should celebrate these things, because we know that without death, without ending, we cannot start fresh.

If the crops continued through the autumn and winter there would be no place in the garden for new life come spring. And it is the same with our lives.

We must allow some things to end, and attempt this with grace. So that we can move past them to new things, new experiences and new blessings.

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