Litha Invocations

Invocation 1:
(written by Uncle Hyena)
“When the soggy Spring has ended,
And the sun is riding high,
And the Summer King’s a father
With no clue he’s soon to die,
Then the people of the Rede
Take a rest from daily toil
To laugh and dance and run bare feet
Through briefly sacred soil.
The May Queen’s now a Mother;
The Yule Queen’s now the Crone;
And last year’s May Queen is reborn
And waits year’s end to claim her own.
The planting is well ended,
And the harvest’s far away;
There’s no war on the horizon
To spoil a poor man’s day.
Spend a moment in the moment
Underneath the summer sky
And dream of endless summer
While the sun is riding high. 

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