Self Dedication


  • Paper
  • Pen
  • White tea light candle in a holder
  • Matches or Lighter

Today is the start of your journey in Wicca. To signal this to the universe and the Goddess you will be performing your self-dedication. Your dedication is a pledge to do your best in your studies and to honor the divine.
This is something to take seriously, but it is not a life-binding oath. It represents your plan to study for the next year and a day. At that time you may feel ready for an initiation into Wicca or you may rededicate yourself for another period of time to study further.
You will want to write out the following dedication before you start, large enough so that you can read it. Feel free to make alterations if a word doesn’t quite appeal to you.

I, __________, come tonight to make my pledge to the Goddess. I dedicate myself to the study of the Goddess and the Wiccan ideals for a year and a day, that in time I will be ready to step within the greater sacred circles of worship and find my place as a Witch.
I promise to hold the Goddess in reverence as the Great Mother who created everything in the universe. I promise not to ignore the light and dark in the world and in the Goddess, as both are needed to be complete.
May the Goddess bless me while I travel my path and my I gain understanding of all that I study.
Hear my words, for they are formed in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

This dedication is fairly simple, not particularly flowery or ‘mystical’. Why? Because the dedication is a straightforward statement of intent. You cannot promise to do something vague. And you should always know what you are agreeing to. This concept will become very useful in further studies.
So to that end, I will break down the parts of the dedication so that we’re on the same page as far as meaning.

Start by setting up the area where you will be doing your dedication. Anywhere you can be alone and without disturbances is best. Take the phone off the hook; they’ll call back. Set up somewhere to sit and a flat surface for your paper and candle. You can do this at the kitchen table or on the floor, wherever you feel most comfortable. Set out your paper in front of where you will sit and the candle on the opposite side. The pen and matches can go somewhere that is easy to reach. Try out lighting, dimmer switches are awesome for this. You want it to be bright enough that you can read what is in front of you but if possible not so bright as a normal room. If your choices are bright or pitch black, go bright, the tea light isn’t going to make the pitch black bright enough to read by.
You will want to take a bath or shower before starting. This allows you to ritually clean the anger or nervousness or general negativity of your day before presenting yourself to the Goddess. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but if you love bubbles and know it always puts you in a good headspace then by all means, bring on the bubble bath. This is a time to not just clean your body but to reflect on what you are about to do and why.
Once you finish cleaning put on some nice clothes, no you don’t need a suit or a skirt, but jeans with holes in them and a stained shirt are not the impression you want to make. If you feel comfortable with it and the temperature allows you can also do this sky-clad (the fancy word for nekkid in Wicca). Never feel pressured into nudity.

Sit quietly for a few moments in front of the dedication and candle. When you have gathered your thoughts take 3 deep breaths and then light the candle. Three more deep breaths focusing on the light of the flame. When you are ready read the dedication out-loud. Take your time; be present in the moment and what you are doing. When you finish reading you’ll want to sign and date the dedication then place the tea light on top of the paper. This is your symbolic joining of fire (creation) and your will.
Sit quietly as long as you feel appropriate. Think about how you feel now versus before your bath, before you read your dedication.
If possible let the candle burn itself out, tea lights are great for this because they only last about 5 hours. If you can’t let it burn out on its own put it out with a snuffer or your moist fingers. You don’t want to blow a candle out because it dissipates the energy that the candle is absorbing to carry out your will.

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