Group Dedication


  • Paper
  • Pen
  • White tea light candle in a holder for each participant
  • White pillar candle
  • Matches or Lighter
  • Small table or alter that is a comfortable height if sitting on the floor, with a large enough top for each person’s candle, the pillar and the written dedication
  • Pillows to sit on

You will want to write out the following dedication before you start. Have one copy written out that the group will sign and copies (typed is my preference) for each participant large enough so that it can be easily read. Feel free to make alterations if a word doesn’t quite appeal to you, but in the case of this dedication you’ll want to make sure any changes are ok by the group.

We come tonight to make our pledge to the Goddess. We dedicate this group to the study of the Goddess and the Wiccan ideals for a year and a day, that in time we will be ready to step within the greater sacred circles of worship and find our place as Witches.
We promise to hold the Goddess in reverence as the Great Mother who created everything in the universe. We promise not to ignore the light and dark in the world and in the Goddess, as both are needed to be complete.
While in sacred space we shall treat each other as sisters and equals. Outside of sacred space we promise to never divulge the names of our sisters, as persecution still exists. Our rites are private and we shall treat them as such, for spirituality need not be shared to be real.
May the Goddess bless us while we travel our path and may we gain understanding of all that we study.
Hear our words, for they are formed in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Before Circle:
Before you go to circle, whether its this one or any of the future ones you should make sure you are clean and dressed nicely.

Circle Set Up:
When you set up you will want to put the alter in the center of the pillows. On the alter place the white pillar candle in the center and ring the tea lights around it.
In circle I prefer a lighter to matches for two reasons. If you use matches you will also need somewhere on the alter to put the finished matches, also I think they smell bad. But if you are lighting a lot of candles then matches are the way to go, as they wont get nearly as hot as a lighter.
For this circle you will defiantly want to have a good light source as everyone is going to be reading.

The Dedication Ritual:
After everyone has arrived, take a few minutes to get settled and if needed make any rounds of introductions. If anyone has any questions on the ritual or dedication this is the time to ask. Verbally walk thru the parts so everyone is on the same page. Also select who will be starting and ending the circle, this person will be notated as the Guide in the ritual.
Once that is all taken care of get everyone seated and comfortable.

Start with everyone taking three long slow deep breaths to center their focus. When everyone is centered the Guide starts by saying:
“I cast this circle hand to hand, in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.”

The guide reaches out to the person on her left and grasps her hand. She follows by saying:
“Hand to hand in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.”

And takes the hand to her left. This follows around the circle until the Guide’s right hand is grasped, then says:
“I consecrate this circle to the Great Goddess. Here may She manifest and bless Her children.”

Take three more deep breaths as a group, seeing your circle surrounded by a protective white light. Everyone can drop hands at this point. The guide then lights the pillar candle saying:
“This flame represents the Goddess in our circle and in our lives.”

Now as a group you will read the dedication. When the reading is finished take another three or so deep breaths and concentrate on the energy you feel in the circle. Then everyone signs and dates the group copy.

Starting with the Guide and going clockwise around the circle each person will take their candle and light it saying:
“This flame represents my dedication to the Goddess in our lives.”

When everyone has lit their candle close your eyes and think, feel, listen. Be open to communication from the Goddess.
When everyone has finished their meditation you will close out the circle. First everyone will want to take hands again. The Guide starts by saying:
“This circle is open yet it ever remains a circle. Around us and through us always flows its magical power.”

The guide releases the hand on her right who responds with:
“In perfect love and Perfect Trust.”

Then releasing the hand of the person to her right. This continues until everyone’s hands have been released.

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