God Invocations

Samhain Invocation (1):
“Master of The Hunt,
Hear us this Samhain night!
Collector of souls and spiral guide.
Be with us for the start of a new spiral, new cycle, new year.
Help us sacrifice that which is gone to welcome the new.
Welcome Lord!
Blessed Be!”

Samhain Invocation (2):
“Herne the Hunter,
Horned One,
Master of the Hunt,
Your children call you.
Will you join us this Samhain night?
Join our rites,
Bless us with your presence, with your spirit.
Merry Meet Dark Lord!

Yule Invocation (1):
God of Winter, diminished sun,
Hear us this longest night!
To you we celebrate.
Welcome Lord!
Blessed Be!

Angus Mac Og (Imbolc) Invocation (1):
“Angus Mac Og!
Your children call;
Join us in celebration of the coming light.
Young Son brighten our days!
Be with us as we dance the cycles.
Your music on our lips,
Love in our hearts,
Beauty about us.
Angus Mac Og,
Be you adored!
Merry meet!”

Ostara (Spring) Invocation (1):
“We call to the verdant young God of the Spring.
With the force of a rutting stag through the meadow you come.
Join with us in our rites.
Bring your primal passions into our lives.
Merry Meet!”

Beltane Invocation (1):
“We give greetings to the God of furious skies,
Father of wolf and stag,
Lord of the eternal fire,
Your children call you.
Join in our rites!
Bring your power and your love into our lives,
And into this sacred space.”

Litha Invocation (1):
We give greetings to the God of the wild,
of beasts, of vine, of skies and of fire.
We do call upon you, gracious Lord,
to be here with us and witness our rites.
Be with us in our celebrations of the turning of your year.”

Mabon Invocation (1):
We call upon the Lord of the harvest,
sacred king,
giver of riches and protection since before time began.
Bestow upon us your strength and laughter, power and prosperity.
Be with us in our celebrations of the turning of your year.”

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