This is a list of color correspondences that I have compiled over the years. These correspondences are from books, online sources and personal determinations.

Planet: Saturn, waning Moon
Direction: North
Element: Water
For: binding, restriction, limitation, retribution, hexing, protection, repelling, absorption
Sacred to: Babalu, Aye,  Osiris, Demeter, Elegba,  Eleggua, Exu, the Great Goddess, Kali, Maman Brigitte, Moon goddesses, Ogum, Ogun, Ogou Feraille, Oya, Papa Legba, Yansa
Black candle: to bind an enemy
Symbolized resurrection and eternal life in ancient Egypt. Death color in western countries, and in ancient Greece. Symbol of wisdom to the Aztecs

For: loneliness
Sacred to: the Graiae, the Gray Ones, the Grey Goddess

Planet: New Moon
For: lunar magic, divination, astral protection
Sacred to: Moon Goddesses
Symbolizes Life-in-Death.

Planet: Moon
Direction: West
Element: Air
Sacred to: Aphrodite, Batala, Cerridwen – White Lady of Inspiration, Chango, Elegba, Gauri, the Great Goddess, Moon Goddesses, Obatala – chief of the White Cloth, Shango, the Triple Goddess, the White Goddess, White Tara, Xango, Yemaya,Yemonja
For: purity, protection, love, innocence, healing, rain, flood, ecstasy, uncrossing, cosmic consciousness, fallow periods, male energy, the spirit world, work for small children, calm & unbiased judgment, sincerity
Symbolizes death in China. Dress in white for creation.

Element: Air
Symbolizes the Spirit World.

Planet: Saturn – Jupiter
Direction: West
Element: Water
Sacred to: Aphrodite, Mary, Oshosi, Rain Deities, Sky Goddesses, Yemana, Yemaya, Yemonja, Zeus
For: calmness, health, communication, organization, peace, truth, justice, administration, tranquility, removing bad vibrations, authenticity of expression, the female, magnetic principle, wisdom, creativity, patience
Blue candle to: make a safe space, bless a new home,  know your inner child,  for healing image spells

Planet: Jupiter
Sacred to: Anu, the Triple Goddess, Vishnu
Symbolizes infinity. Wear dark blue for fertility.

Sacred to: Olokun

Planet: Jupiter
For: wisdom, prophecy, divination, spiritual power, psychic ability, ambition, third eye, serious physical healing, power
Sacred to: Babalu Aye, Maman Brigitte, Oya, Yansa
Symbol of royalty.

Planet: Mercury
For: spirituality, intuition, insight, clarity, the Astral Plane, the Akashic Principle
Sacred to: Tzu-Ku-Shen, the Violet Lady

Sacred to: Venus

Sacred to: Maman Brigitte, Oya, Yansa

Planet: Earth – Venus
Direction: East
Element: Water
For: growth, love, money spells, prosperity, youth, nature, emotion, acceptance, faith, instinct, intuition, envy, Death-in-Life, finance, fertility, luck, physical healing
Sacred to: Agayu, Allah, Al-Uzzah – the Great One, Aphrodite, Demeter, Ogum, Ogun, Ogou Feraille, Orule, Orunmila, Osiris, Green Zeus
Green candle to: attract money, make a safe space, know your inner child
Symbolized youth and vegetation in ancient Egypt. Male symbol in China. Green is a fairy color.

Sacred to: Aphrodite, Venus
For: happiness, attracting new love, friendship, honor, love, morality, peace, nurturing

For: love, youth

Planet: Mars – the Red Planet, full Moon
Direction: South
Element: Fire
For: passion, romance, finding love, keeping love, mercy, brazenness, female power, organic healing, sexual energy, the male, electric principle, strength, health, vigor, courage, energy
Sacred to: Agayu, Ares, Chango, Elegba, Eleggua, Exu, Mars, the Great Goddess, Moon goddesses, Ogou Feraille, Ogum, Ogun, Papa Legba, Red Tezcatlipoca, Set, Seth, Shango, the Triple Goddess, Typhon, Xango
Red animals and red-haired strangers were sacrificed as fertility charms for grain in ancient Egypt. Hathor, Set/Seth/Typhon, the Morrigan and Odysseus/Ulysses all had red hair. Some people consider red hair a witches’ mark.
Dress in red to combat evil. Symbolized wisdom to the Aztecs. Symbolized sacrificial blood to the Hebrews. Celtic color of the Otherworld. Sacred kings had their faces stained red, often with alder dye.
Red was the color of death in ancient Greece and Bronze Age Britain, where red ocher was used in burials. It was taboo for commoners to eat red food like lobster, bacon, red berries, fruit or mushrooms except at feasts to honor the dead.
Red toadstools, apples and Rowan berries were all considered foods of the gods.

Sacred to: Aphrodite

Planet: Earth
Element: Earth
For: earth energy, earth magic
Sacred to: Agayu, Babalu-Aye, Oya, Maman Brigitte, Yansa

Planet: Sun
Direction: Center
Element: Air, Fire
For: power, happiness, solar magic, jealousy, the creative, feminine power, attraction, persuasion, divination, intelligence
Sacred to: Orula, Orunmila, Oshoshi, Oshun, Shakti, Sun gods
Yellow candle: to make a safe space, for joy
Mayan death color. Associated with the Spanish Inquisition.

Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
For: solar magic, attraction, persuasion, divination, intelligence
Sacred to: Oshun, Sun Gods

Planet: Mercury
Element: Fire
For: intellect, success, travel, strength, balance, communication, attraction, justice, ambition

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