New Book

April 26, 2010 at 4:14 am (Library) ()

Found a wonderful book at the store yesterday.

One of my favorite Wiccan authors is Scott Cunningham. Unfortunatly he is no longer with us and as such no longer writing wonderful books.

Until now, sort of.

Cunningham’s Book of Shadows: The Path of An American Traditionalist

“Recently discovered in a battered manila envelope, this previously unpublished manuscript was penned by Scott in the early 1980s. This rare book includes original spells, rituals, and invocations and an herbal grimoire. Featured in the design are Scott’s actual hand-drawn signs, symbols, and runes.”

So I picked it up and have started reading/paging though it. I am really enjoying it and it seems to have a lot of new material that weren’t included in his previous books. The initiation rituals are very pretty, as are the description of the stone circle.

My only issue so far is one of the words that is used a lot is Dryghtyn. From what I can tell from context in the blessings/prayers/invocations, is that Dryghtyn is the supreme divine force. But so far (and I haven’t read the whole book yet) it doesn’t specifically say. Being big on knowing what words mean before I use them, this bothers me. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t say in this book or one of his others, but for now that’s my only issue.

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