Happy 2012!

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Welcome to 2012.
I have big hopes for how great this year is going to be. Lots of traveling, lots of ritual, lots of new people. I’m quite excited.

With all the talk of the Mayan calendar ending (wait, you mean like ours does every 12 months?) and that heralding the end of the world, I got to thinking. What if this was our last year on earth, and we knew that going in. How would we choose to live that last year?

Would we be the best we could be? Live every day to it’s fullest? Would we give more, love more, celebrate more?

Let’s assume for a moment that we have until Yule. Let’s add to that assumption that we know we are not the last sentient creatures who will walk the earth, that someday in the future another race/species will want to know who we were in our last days. Now, how do we proceed?

Do we work for social justice, harder than we ever have before? Do we live with our spiritual sides every day as opposed to just on holidays? Do we help our fellow man the way we always intended to but never got around to? Do we live more artistically, more musically, more creativly?

Do we leave a record for the future that says, when we knew our time was up we lived the best we could. Or do we leave the message that says, we knew our time was up so we stopped caring.

At most I believe that 12/21/2012 may be the end of an an age and the begining of something new. But you know what, I’m still going to live this year as if it is my last. Because, why not? It will make me a better person, and I suspect a happier person. And in 2013, I think I will live like it’s my last year, becasue we can always be better. And when we get to whatever my actual last year is (lets hope that’s 60+ year from now), I will have lived it to it’s fullest.

Will you join me in living this year the best we can, living like it’s our last, living the way we want to be known?

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Pagan Coming Out Day 2011

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May 2nd is Pagan Coming Out Day.

You can find more information here: http://pagancomingoutday.com/

Coming out to someone is a decision only you can make and it’s a decision best made when you are ready to do so. IPCOD encourages Pagans who are ready to come on out!

There are benefits, personally and for our religious community as a whole, as more Pagans come out. Some of these benefits include the reduction of anxiety caused by living a double life and creating a climate of greater acceptance for all Pagans.

Another great post on this is by T. Thorn Coyle:

We live in a time where Pagans are still actively discriminated against in some places, where misinformation flows freely, and where rights are taken away by simple virtue of someone practicing his or her religion. The more of us that can come out to our families, co-workers, and friends, the more help becomes available to those who feel they still cannot.

There will be some of us that don’t come out because of very real fears of losing children or jobs. Those of us who can come out, support these others by doing so. I know some of us will say, “We just don’t talk about religion at work,” and yet, some of you know that this co-worker is Christian, and that one, Hindu. How do you know? No big deal, just a small comment here or there, or signs that point to it. That “no big deal” is what we are looking for. Just another religious flavor in a pluralistic society. The more of us there are that people can point to as high-functioning members of the workplace, the school system, the local environmental group, the union, the fewer of us will run the risk of having our children taken from us for virtue of being Heathen or Wiccan parents. The more of us there are that give people some understanding of Paganism, the fewer Tempest Smiths there will be, committing suicide as a result of anti-Pagan bullying, and the more teens like Angel Cat there will be, who wrote a helpful piece on coming out to your parents.

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