New Leather Journal

May 22, 2011 at 3:35 am (Crafts) (, , )

So my leather bound journal project was both easier and harder than I expected.

The paper folding, layout, and sewing through the paper was much easier than I expected. The leather is starting to take its new shape too, with only some pressing (I haven’t had to put in miters to get it to bend right around the spine).

On the flip side, I finished binding it yesterday morning and my fingers still hurt from stitching through the leather. I pre-punched holes and they needed to be tight on the thread so that everything stays together. But darn, the needle really didn’t want to go ¬†through some of those holes. So there was pulling and pushing and lots of pinching down on the needle to get a grip that could pull it through the leather. Also, I broke a needle in the process.

I’m thinking I may get the materials to do another one now that I have a vague idea what I’m doing and do a step by step. I think a lot of the Pagan community likes to make their own tools, and making ones own leather Book Of Shadows would be pretty darned cool. I know I’m thrilled with mine. Read the rest of this entry »

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Different Sort Of Book Project

May 15, 2011 at 11:20 pm (Crafts) (, , )

Tonight I’m working on the cover for my first bookbinding project.

Last August I bought a beautiful leather bound, hand-tooled, recycled cotton/handmade paper filled journal. It is beautiful and I can’t seem to bring myself to spoil it’s pristine pages.

As silly as it seems, I figure if I can bind a leather book like it then I will be able to use the first one. So with much planning and research I have begun the process.

I’m using 64# charcoal artists paper. The pads were 11×17, so folded they are 8.5×11. The tooth is nice and they aren’t too heavy. I folded all of those in packs of 8 sheets (turning each packet into 16 pages) and put in a nice crease with the bone folder I got for this project.


The cover will be 7-8oz brown leather. It’s a nice sturdy weight that I hope wont be too heavy. I’m a little afraid it wont bend around the spine well enough


I’m writing this post to let my arm have a break from punching the 80 holes in the leather that the paper will get stitched to.


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