I Rise – 5 Fold Devotional

May 17, 2013 at 1:35 pm (Ritual, Words) (, , , )

I rise,
and offer my mind for your kiss.
May it always be in harmony with my actions.
May my mind be a garden of ideas as your body is the bounty of all living things.

I rise,
and offer my mouth for your kiss.
May it always speak true.
May I lend my voice to those in need as you give me strength to speak.

I rise,
and offer my heart for your kiss.
May it always pulse with inspiration.
May my heart be capable of infinite love as you show the universe.

I rise,
and offer my hands for your kiss.
May they always be strong in their work.
May my hands do lasting good in this world that brings honor to you.

I rise,
and offer my feet for your kiss.
May they always walk your path.
May my feet help me stand my ground know that you are always with me.

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Writing a Morning Devotional

May 17, 2013 at 1:26 pm (Words) (, , , )

Writing a morning devotional based loosely on the 5-fold kiss.

I have this blessing poem that I love. I’ve used it for years, and teewked/changed it as time has passed and my needs have changed. Honestly at this point I have no idea where I originally got it. Imay have found it online in the 90’s or a friend may have found it for me. I wish I knew. The point is, I don’t know who originally wrote it and how much of it is the original text anymore.

I wanted something like that blessing, but my own creation. Something that I could share without feeling guilty.

Below is the blessing poem that has been an inspiration to me all these years. There are certain parts I know I’ve added, but if you happen to know the original author (and have a link to the original) please let me know.

Bless me, Mother, for I am your child.

Blessed be my eyes, that I may see your path.

Blessed be my nose, that I may breathe your essence.

Blessed be my mouth, that I may speak of you.

Blessed be my breast, that I may feel your love.

Blessed be my hands, that I may be strong in my work.

Blessed be my loins, which bring forth the life of men

and women as you have brought forth all creation.

Blessed be my feet, that I may walk in your ways.

May your blessings be eternal.

When I sat down to write this devotional it didn’t spring fully formed from my head. Sometimes that does happen. This was not one of those things. I spent a few evenings thinking* about both what I wanted in this devotional and how I wanted it to be structured (roughly).

Over the course of a few days I decided the areas I wanted to bless were the; mind, mouth, hands & feet. I added heart because it fit, made sense, and balanced the number to five; which meant I could play with the 5-fold kiss imagery.

One thing I “knew” from the beginning was that I didn’t want to do a traditional blessing. At least in the sense of not wanting to use the word blessing outright. There are so many words and feelings available to us that sometimes I feel we get trapped in a rut of comfort and only use what we know. Looking back on what I’ve written over the last couple years, I can see this in my own work, so I wanted to push myself a little.I wanted to branch out. Being able to add the inspiration of 5 to this devotional helped open that door.

Mind was by far the easiest passage to write, with hands & feet being next in line. Those three sections seemed to just flow. Heart took quite some time to get started because I kept having Captain Planet flashbacks. Once I got the spark for it, it was quite smooth. The language for Mouth was the most difficult because of how truth has been corrupted by society. There are so many ways people say “I will only speak the truth” that allow for half truths, or lies of omissions. Because of this, I wanted to choose language that made those sorts of cynical views more difficult to read.

Normally when I write or do devotionals they are fairly short to make them fairly easy to memorize within a few days. This one is quite different. Because it is 5 parts it is much larger, which makes it more of a prayer than a devotional. If you wanted to, you could memorize it. Each part can be broken down to be memorized individually.

The devotional will be in the next post. I would love to get your feedback.

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A Spell for Healing

May 12, 2013 at 1:08 pm (Magic) (, , , )

Goddess of the healing earth,

Goddess of the healing airs,

Goddess of the healing flame,

Goddess of the healing waters,

Goddess of the healing spirit,

Goddess of the healing pentacle;

Six Goddesses I ask;

Center your healing.

Bless __ with a speedy recovery.

Bless __ with diminished pain.

Bless __ with a healed body and a full spirit.

Six Goddesses I ask;

By the earth which gives foundation,

By the airs which calm,

By the fires which activate,

By the waters which heal,

By the spirit which soothes,

By the pentacle which binds;

As is my will,

So mote it be.




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A Bath & Candle Ritual for Renewal

May 11, 2013 at 2:01 pm (Ritual) (, , , )

By my will this space is sacred.

I create a time outside of all times,

and a place outside of all places,

a place of security and serenity.

I light this candle,

and it is the eternal light of creation;

in this glow,

may I be renewed.

As I submerge my body,

may blessings and calm wash over me,

as ocean waters wash over the sands.

When this ritual is ended,

the sacred shall go with me.

As is my will,

So mote it be.



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A Consecration for Tools

May 10, 2013 at 11:00 am (Ritual) (, , , )

Elements of Air,

Tower of Knowledge,

Power of Intuition,

I ask you to cleanse and consecrate.


Elements of Fire,

Force of Will,

Power of Creation,

I ask you to cleanse and consecrate.


Elements of Water,

Healing River,

Power of Mystery,

I ask you to cleanse and consecrate.


Elements of Earth,

Eternal Strength,

Power of Life,

I ask you to cleanse and consecrate.


By the Elements be cleansed.

By my Will be consecrated.

By the Blessings of the Divine,

So mote it be.





*Additional items (nonessential)

Dish of sea salt, candle, lighter/matches, incense, dish of rain/spring water

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